Jason Ano has become an incredibly good friend of mine. He's been pivotal in the cross-pollination and popularization of underground culture. He filmed, directed, and edited the first big videos for both Skrillex and A$AP Rocky. It boggled my mind that they didn't think to reach out to him for their collaborative record. I guess the obvious solution isn't always so obvious.

Most videographers and cinematographers are overlooked in the industry. Jason is no exception. Despite having dozens of ridiculous videos under his belt, nearing the 100 million play mark on his videos, being one of the nicest people I know, and owning a RED, most people would have no idea who he is if they ran into him. And watching how he moves within this industry is that much funnier.

I don't think I've ever seen his name on a guest list. He rarely has credentials to the shows he is filming. When you spend most of your time doing the same thing, you get pretty good at it. We've been backstage together at at least 20 occasions in the past three years in three different states. The only reason this amazes me is because I rarely go out anymore. The man is EVERYWHERE.

As I type this, Jason is in the middle of editing footage from touring with Seven Lions. He's putting the finishing touches on the new Krewella music video. To say that he's busy is an understatement. He took time out of his packed schedule to help the next generation navigate the complicated layers within the industry without losing their soul.

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