One of the biggest things about college life is your living situation. You can learn a lot about yourself and how to deal with others based on the relationship you have with your roommates. During your first few years of that college experience, you're bound to be assigned a dorm room with people who you don't know from a hole in the wall, who have all kinds of issues, hobbies, and struggles that are far removed from your life... especially when it comes to EDM.

Living that raver life can be tough, but it's not difficult... living with a raver? If you're not about that EDM scene at all, it can be the worst. We understand the struggle on both sides: your roomie doesn't want to make kandi with you the night before a huge event, or you can't stand them playing "that noise" at 2AM when your first morning class is at 8AM. We get it. Sometimes, you need to step back and laugh at the situation... or figure out how to get someone that's a bit closer to your particular lifestyle. And ravers, we know how it is; it sucks having someone look at you like you're nothing but a molly zombie whenever you pass each other in the common room. Sometimes your best course of action is to turn the hardstyle up to 10 and rage at the witching hour. The best medicine is sometimes the toughest to swallow.

All DAD can say is use these tweets as examples of the trials and tribulations of living with an EDM fan, from both sides. Find some hilarity, find some common ground, and find some time to get off of each others nerves. Good luck!

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