Mixtape: Ya Feel Me?
Producer: Dun Deal and DJ Spinz

It is mystifying how a major label could see this video and think Ca$h Out was the one deserving of a major label deal and promotion (vs. Young Thug, whose gangly charisma made him seem like a standout star). Of course, a label likely didn't do that level of investigation into his career anyway; he just had a hit, and that hit was "Cashin' Out," which was last spring's irrepressible, undeniable anthem. (That's also something Young Thug has yet to provide.) At any rate, Ca$h Out's new tape Ya Feel Me is full of expensive beats and fairly generic rapping, until this slow jam shows up at the end and make it all worthwhile. Sparse and licentious, "Addicted To Your Love" has an erotic grace that somehow makes it the most subtle song on the tape.