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Danny Brown: "If you look at that album right now, it's influenced so much of what's going on right now. In this day and age, that album is a holy grail. A lot of us wouldn't be around if it wasn't for that album. That's the first time we heard Clams Casino. How many songs have we heard songs named after somebody? He started so much shit. You can't really hate on Based God. That album was the beginning of all that."

"My favorite song off the album would probably be 'I'm God.' He's a homie. We worked together when I used to be with Yayo. I was living with Yayo at the time, and he came through the crib and we did a couple joints. I support everything Based God does. At one point in life he was facing 36 years in prison and now all he preaches is positivity. You can't hate on people like that. At the end of the day, he's not a sellout. He stuck to what he wanted to do and keeps doing it. You gotta respect him. "