There should be a chapter on boy bands in every Sex Ed textbook. For many pre-teen girls (and boys), the boy band provided an important first foray into the wild world of hormones. Some boy band members are teenagers, others could be teenagers' fathers. Yet individual members of their underage fan bases can each find something "sexy" in each individual boy band member: the rebel, the teen dream boat, the emo one, the ugly one.

But there is much more than fantasy to the prescribed functionality of the boy band. As the personalities take their shape, leaders emerge, and sometimes, these teeny-bopper bait-traps end up yielding a solo star who wins a more mature audience—the "Beyoncé" of the group, someone who's able to shed the skin of their choreographed-dance-sequence past and go onto greater things. Ricky Martin, Bobby Brown, Justin Timberlake attest.

The former NSync'er Timberlake is about to deliver the sequel to this year's colossal The 20/20 Experience album with The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2. In honor of JT's glorious history, Complex revisits some of the biggest hits from boy bands dating back to the '80s up until now. So grab your neon shoelaces and puff paint t-shirts and revisit some modern classics. The 30 Best Boy Band Songs. No I.D. required.

Listen to Complex's Best Boy Band Songs playlists here: YouTube/Spotify/Rdio

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