First off, there shouldn't be any such thing as a guilty pleasure. Guilt, to quote New Order, is a useless emotion, especially when it comes to popular music. If you like something, own it.

That's somewhat idealistic. In the real world, there are social pressures, signals that communicate preconceived notions of what music we can and can't like. How these break down can tell us a lot about how we see ourselves. Many of the reasons why people end up feeling "guilty" about music involve seemingly arbitrary external constraints. They're actually tied up in the most important conversations we have on a regular basis: arguments about race, gender, sexuality, class, elitism, and education.

What does it mean that so many "guilty pleasures" are populist dance songs? What makes a song "respectable," and who is responsible for making it so? Any way you slice it, we're all a product of our environments—to paraphrase Jim Jones. The trick is to think about why, but before you go and get all deep in your thoughts because you like a Paris Hilton song, understand that we've got your back.

Here are 50 Awesome Guilty Pleasure Songs We're Ashamed to Like (But Not Really). Trust, we "accidentally" leave the radio on the '90s pop station, too.

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