If you've been keeping score, you know that before Benzi drops a GIRLTRAPZ mix, he usually hits up Diplo & Friends with an exclusive mix. And you also know that these GIRLTRAPZ mixes feature a number of special remixes from talented producers, with cuts that appeal to the ladies. For his upcoming Diplo & Friends appearance (which goes down on November 16), Benzi is actually giving YOU the chance to remix a gem and be featured on his Diplo & Friends mix, as well as on GIRLTRAPZ 4!

Head on over to GIRLTRAPZ.com and download the special .zip file he's sorted out. There are a number of jams that he'd like to incorporate, with acapellas and instrumentals. What you, the dope producer, does is turn it out in your own style, as long as its a "Girl Trapz" banger, Jersey club monster, or somewhere in the 100BPM/twerk/bounce lane. The best remixes will be premiered on the Diplo & Friends show and be a part of GIRLTRAPZ 4! All entries must be emailed to Benzi@GirlTrapz.com by November 4; make sure you're sending these as attachments or private SoundCloud links. Get to remixing!

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