Do you ever suffer from insomnia? Probably at least very so often, right? I mean, there's so much to worry about all the time. So much to think about.

Late at night, a beam of streetlight cutting just in between the windowsill and flap in your curtains that allows for a straight path directly into your eyes. Even when you shift and turn over, like it somehow follows you, like it's magnetically attracted? Or like it's just god up in heaven aiming his little lazer pointer down at you like a mischievious kid in a movie theater in the early '90s?

And that clicking noise. What the fuck is that clicking noise? And that high-pitched hum? Is that even real? Or are you just hearing inside your head? Is it the sound of blood running theough the veins in your ears? Do you have a brain tumor? Are you losing your mind?

How can your wife just lie there sleeping like that? Doesn't she know what's going on? Eminem has a new album coming out, and Dre and Rick Rubin worked on it together! This new song by Johnny Cinco sounds so much like Rich Homie Quan who sounds so much like Future but that none of that matters 'cause they all sound terrific! Or am I just falling for a gimmicky new technology sound? This Kendrick thing could really turn into a problem for Drake, couldn't it? 

How can she just lie there? When there's A String of Random Thoughts That Keep An Anxious Hip-Hop Obsessive Up At Night?!?!