Love him or hate him, you have to at least respect Afrojack's grind. Dude can go ahead and drop something as radio-leaning as "The Spark" then come back with, well, whatever this 26-minute "NLW ID" that he uploaded to SoundCloud is. He tweeted the link along with the words "Fore The Core," so we'll go with that. What is it, though? Is this a set? It feels like a set. If so, could these be bits from his forthcoming album? Is it one track? It bounces along like one track... but there's a LOT going on in this 26 minutes. Chants of "imma fuck that pussy!" pop out very early, but this then delves into a number of movements, including beautiful melodies, crushing Dutch sounds, and so much more. It's a wild ride, but one that only an artist like Afrojack could take you on. And if you like what you're seeing up above, check out the Afrojack x G-Star Raw wares.

(Dancing Astronaut)

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