Today, the legendary Big Boi took to Reddit to participate in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for a few hours. Sure, dozens of fans spent the AMA telling Mr. Fat Sax how each one of Outkast's albums changed their lives, but some fans found time to actually ask Big Boi about his career, future, and more.

Some of Big Boi's answers were amazing, touching on everything from what his last meal would be (Hint: Lil Wayne would approve) to behind-the-scenes stories on some of your favorite Outkast songs. We picked out a few gems verbatim from the AMA:

A few days ago, I was asked to describe Outkast to the students in my Hip Hop class. If you were asked the same question by my professor, how would you describe Outkast to someone who didn't know about them?
Expect the unexpected.

I'm wondering what ever happened to the rumored studio work with Modest Mouse? Did anything ever come of those brainstorms? 
Yes actually we recorded maybe 4-5 songs and on the first leg of my tour stopped and hung out with them at their studio and they are trying to get things together. If they don't release the songs, I will! shit.

My question is, after doing so much in your career, what else is left that you still want to accomplish?
That's a good question. Actually I want to walk on and play for the Falcons, but I hurt my leg. I just want to keep making the coldest music on the planet.

What is the toughest verse for you to rap in concert, in the studio, or wherever you rap?
One of the toughest verses was from Speedballin...the version on the Tomb Raider soundtrack.

Whose idea was it to perform on a big throne after you hurt your leg on tour? That was pretty genius.
Actually it came from my guitar player David Wild. He actually showed me as i came back from the hospital a video of the guy in Alice in Chains in a wheelchair, and said that i shouldn't disappoint my fans by canceling shows and pointed out that everyone still liked the shows when the guy was in a wheelchair. The fans love the dedication even more. I thought that was dope as hell. Plus it was good for fans to see me sitting in my rightful seat, my throne.

In your words, what does 'SpottieOttieDopalicious' mean?
SpottieOttieDopalicious is Southern slang term for a girl that is superfine, bad,sexy, intelligent and jazzy all at the same time. I got one of those upstairs in my bed.

What's the one song that you have ever recorded that you are the most proud of? Im a huge fan and have always wondered what songs are their creators favorites. Thanks!!!
It's like asking if you love one of your kids more than the other. but i would have to say currently Descending from Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors. Lots of personal feelings involved in that song.

A crazy story from your childhood/younger years?
Well I am the eldest of 5 kids and used to live in a motel 6 with my mom, eating sandwiches out of a cooler for a whole entire school year. it's real life.

Mr. Boi, first off, thank you for taking your time to come to this board and answer our questions. Here's my question: Could you tell us a funny/interesting/motivating anecdote from your career? Thanks!
The first time I met Tupac, we were opening for him in Ohio and he was pulling up to the hotel in a limousine, and he jumped through the partition of his limo and threw the car in park because the driver wouldn't stop because he wanted to holler at me and Dre. He almost tore up the transmission in the limo. Real life.

What would be your last meal?

Was there ever a song the label wanted you and Andre to re-write or not submit?
Elevators, actually. They didn't like the song Elevators and me and Dre took it to the radio stations because we were so adamant about releasing it, and it blew up and after then they never questioned us on any selections. We picked all our own singles from that point forward.

[via Reddit]