"I'm just having fun with rap though...You know anybody in this position wouldn't even dare give nobody like that a shot, I have fun rapping like we're gonna do Cassidy today we're gonna play with Cassidy tomorrow," Meek Mill said on Hot 97 earlier.

After releasing diss tracks aimed at Cassidy and Kendrick Lamar over the weekend, Meek Mill explains that he's totally cool with Kendrick and that he's simply just having fun with rap.

"When I saw Kendrick we shook hands friendly, I don't know they said somebody was about to fight J. Cole...," Meek Mill explained. It sounds he's referencing the VMA after-party where Kendrick, J. Cole, Diddy and more were in attendance, and Diddy and Cole reportedly got into a scuffle. 

Ebro talked about the reported argument between Cole and Diddy, too. "Diddy know how to get on a nigga nerves, boy," he said. "When he starts to get into that hypeman shit at the party like, 'Nigga, you ain't going to say nothing.' Probably one of them niggas got emotional like, 'What?' And then it turned into a little pushing match."

However, Kendrick says he's not phased by Kendrick's "King of NY" claim and thinks it's good for rap.

"I don't feel no type of way about the Kendrick thing. I think it's fun. I'm happy a person in your position open your mouth and said this, and gave dudes a shout," Meek Mill said. "He really big[ged] people up I think...I consider myself one of the hottest dudes out here, period. I've been out here for a long time...I am an East Coast rapper. I ask people who the hottest young guys on the East Coast right now?"

Ebro responded saying, "Meek Mill."

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