Last week Meek Mill released a diss track toward Cassidy called "Kendrick You Next." Cassidy would later respond with his own diss record "Catch A Body."

In a recent interview with MTV, Meek Mill says he was, "Helping [Cassidy] out," referencing the notoriety Cassidy got from the diss record that saw the MMG rapper go in over a number of classic instrumentals. He also explained how the song came about.

"DJ Enuff was in the studio and I was playing a lot of records and that was the last one I played," Meek says. "I actually did that record eight months ago, so everybody on my team already heard it, but when I was recording and fixing the last bars, rapping, 'Enuff what’s up?' ‘Kendrick You’re Next’ he asked me what to save it under, and it became ‘Kendrick You Next.’ That’s just me giving Cassidy some help."

When asked about Cassidy's response record "Catch A Body," Meek Mill downplayed the lyrical jab. "That boy ain’t got nothing but time," he says. "He came at me before the day was over, in 24 hours, in no time."

He also criticized his fellow Philadelphia rapper for using Lil Snupe's name in the diss track. Lil Snupe was a close associate to Meek who was killed in June. "That little kid died and he’s got family. People I be around don’t play like that. I don’t talk about people’s family members or friends or somebody that died, in a rap."

Watch the full clip above.

[via MTV]

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