Meek Mill has just dropped his response to Kendrick Lamar. The song is called "Ooh Kill Em," and it was premiered first on Cosmic Kev's radio show on Power 99 in his hometown of Philadelphia. Meek raps over a remix of the classic Dr. Dre song, "Forgot About Dre," which is no coincidence given the fact that Kendrick is signed to Dre's Aftermath label.

Meek starts it off by going in with a rapid-fire flow. He is looking to silence the critics on this one, and even addresses their claims that all he does is yell over beats, saying "What the fuck, I gotta whisper to niggas?" Kendrick is Meek's main target, however, and he pulls no punches. His main claim is that he makes music that the streets respect. Comparing this to Kendrick, Meek says, "You do it for the niggas with the backpacks/I do it for the niggas on the corner tryna make a meal ticket off a crack pack." Meek even mocks the gun fire sound Kendrick makes in his verse.

Meanwhile, the song's title is a reference to Terio, the little boy who resurrected Vine.

This is Meek's second diss song in two days. Yesterday, his target was Cassidy, with a song that was titled "Kendrick You Next." Clearly, the title makes more sense now in hindsight.

For those unaware, Meek Mill dissing Kendrick stems from the Compton native naming him in his "Control" verse. In the verse, Kendrick included Meek amongst a list of peers that he claimed he was murdering lyrically.

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