Earlier today, news sites were ablaze with word that Mike Bindra, one of the founders of Made Event (the company that puts on Electric Zoo), was also the former manager of Twilo, a club in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood that was closed in 2001 amid scandal stemming from two fatal overdoses. Twilo was known as a virtual drug den, and came under the City's radar a number of times for their misconduct, including numerous charges of hiding unconscious patrons so medical transport could not be completed.

Today, when questioned about Mike Bindra's past record in light of the two deaths at Electric Zoo this weekend, Mayor Bloomberg had the following to say:

"There's something that he was involved with about a dozen years ago, but we've been working with this promoter, organizer, for the past five years and they have a stellar record... I can tell you that when we brought it to their attention, we didn't need to — they knew they had to put in as good procedures as we could think of and have been nothing but cooperative, and I have nothing but good things to say about them... The bottom line here is that you see people here who are doing drugs that shouldn't be doing drugs and you see the fatal consequences... The city will have to take a look at every concert to see if the concert can be run safely."

Interesting take, although he's technically right. We'd hope the city of New York would make sure that any event promoter was taking the necessary precautions in order to throw events in the state. The problem many will see is the person you're allowing to throw parties, although if the steps were to "make sure they had all bases covered," and Made met each requirement, what else could NY do than give them the OK?