G-Dragon catalogs his various musical influences, from classic Korean rock to Kanye West. 

This feature is part of Complex's Coup D'Etat Week with G-Dragon.

A glance through G-Dragon's favorite albums list makes it clear that the K-pop idol is a big fan of American hip-hop. But, as any GD loyalist will tell you, his own music encompasses way more than just rap. So, if you look more closely at this collection of G-Dragon's favorite records, you'll notice that there are a few connective threads—for example, music that emphasizes melody and emotion. “There’s this thing called Korean sentiment, and since I grew up listening to it, I understand it,” says GD. “There’s a certain code that Korean people relate to in music and I’m able to deliver that.”

Certain feelings are universal, however, whether expressed through songs by ’70s Korean rock bands or Frank Ocean. To get a better understanding of G-Dragon’s musical inspiration from his teenage years to present, here are G-Dragon's 15 Favorite Albums.

As told to Jaeki Cho (@jaekicho

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