TJR is one of those artists that's pretty in tune with the way DAD likes to approach dance music. We all have an inherent love for the scene, but we don't choose to let the scene define us. TJR is a mover, and has no problem finding his way into the dance music, on his own terms... and it has worked out very well for him. Whether it's huge singles like "Funky Vodka" and "What's Up Suckaz" or working with artists like Pitbull, as well as helping push the "bounce" sound in the house scene, TJR's just on it. He has a great personality, is super skilled at the art of scratching, and is one of those forces to be reckoned with that DAD just can't get enough of.

He's currently on the Rising Music fall tour, and in our series of Rising-curated Five Tracks, TJR gave us a list of tracks that he throws on when it's time to get inspired. He's included some serious bangers in here, so don't miss out on this education.

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