Rappers can walk around in public with Styrofoam cups and not attract the kind of police attention that a lit joint will get. But just because it's not as much of a legal taboo doesn't mean there's not risk involved. What's shocking about how many of Texas's hip-hop legends have died under circumstances where syrup addiction was a known factor is how young they all were. Pimp C and Big Moe died at the age of 33, and DJ Screw was even younger.

But because it's easily acquired, and is consumed much more easily, and more pleasantly, than a needle in the arm or even smoke in your lungs, it's become frighteningly uncontroversial in the hip-hop community. We still don't know how much sizzurp had to do with Lil Wayne's recent health scares, but hopefully it won't take something really serious happening to a star of his magnitude for hip-hop to get a wake up call.