Producer: Jahlil Beats
Album: Self Made Vol. 1
Label: Maybach Music Group, Warner Bros.

With the release of "Ima Boss", it seemed as if Philly shouter Meek Mill had finally found his "Get at Me, Dog," a beat reckless enough to cater to his boundless energy but hooky enough to usher him into rap's commercial elite. The Jahlil Beats production did a little bit of both. Released deep in the singles campaign for Self Made, Vol. 1, Maybach Music Group's inaugural label compilation, "Ima Boss" and its pyoom-pyoom synth fanfare, rubbery bass swell, and start-stop snares provided the perfect launch pad for Meek's barely contained mania.

It also made a respectable dent at radio and on the charts, setting the stage for Meek's successful run as a solo artist last year. By the end of the summer of 2011, "Ima Boss" could be heard tumbling out of car speakers across the country, and for a while afterward DJs would drop it into their sets as a quick pick-me-up when crowds looked like they weren't sufficiently turnt.