During a recent stop in London, Angel Haze did an interview Noisey where she discussed her thoughts on Miley Cyrus twerking at this years VMAs and Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse.

The 22-year-old rapper praised Miley for her dance moves despite the backlash that the televised performance received. "I think she's awesome. I don't know why everybody is making such a big deal about it," Haze says. "If she likes to shake her ass, I don't think half the world minds watching."

Haze also shared her feelings on Kendrick's "Control" verse, which has been a hot topic of discussion within rap and amongst rappers. "I didn't really think much of it to be honest, I just thought it was a really good verse," she says. "It really evoked some hilarious responses from people you'd never ever think of like Papoose." 

With many of the responses coming from rappers that Kendrick didn't name in his verse, Angel Haze continues, "If you were offended that you weren't named by Kendrick Lamar, you have some serious reevaluating to do about your life and your choices." 

Watch the full clip above, where Angel Haze also discusses Kanye West and Jay Z's new albums.

[via Noisey]

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