You know the feeling: It's Saturday evening and it's two beers past crunk o'clock and you need to get turnt up. But hey, the economy is still in the shitter (are we only ones who notice inflation?) and pregaming saves us money because 40s are hella cheap and you don't need to tip the guy at the bodega. 

Pregaming isn't just a way of life, it's the American way of life. It's hella stressful living beyond your means when any day the lights might go out, the bank might repossess your house, and those friendly loan sharks will want their money back—with interest. In other words, we're all about five days away from living like hobos so we might as well develop an alcohol addiction to help us cope with the banality of ours pointless lives. And we're totally gonna par-tay because fuck it, we're on one. And we're gonna pregame because we're broke. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

So after taking a half an hour nap (aka the fresh for the club nap) we like to sip some of the finest, cheapest liquors known to man. But what's a pregame without a playlist? Here's 21 Songs To Pregame To. Pour it up! 

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