It's been more than two years since Nathaniel Hale, better known as Nate Dogg, passed away at the young age of 41, but his legacy as a legendary singer and torchbearer of the signature West Coast G-Funk sound remains firmly intact.

The latest episode of Sanctioned TV's series "Tattoo Stories" captures a slice of that legacy, following Nate's close friend and musical associate Snoop Dogg as he heads the studio of legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon to get singer's portrait tattooed on his forearm for Nate's birthday, August 19.

While getting inked, Snoop spoke on how he thinks Nate should be remembered, and he recounted the fantastic yet totally normal story of meeting Nate for the first time in high school:

September 16, 1986, first day of Poly High School. We had science class together, and we had PE in seventh period. I met him real quick, you know what I'm saying? First day of school, they was in the back of the class—him and a couple other dudes—and I slid in the back, let them know who I was: 'My name is Snoop, I'm a rapper.'
And they was like 'Go ahead bust. Let me hear you bust.' So I hit the beat over the table and started busting, and from that we went on to seventh period PE and became friends.

Check out everything Snoop had to say about Nate and see Mister Cartoon's awesome work in the video above.

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