Last night, Questlove posted an interesting picture on Instagram. The picture, somewhat blurry and in a dark background, shows J. Cole posing with a copy of his sophomore album, Born Sinner. Along with the picture, Questlove adds this caption:

Uh @JcoleNC what are the chances of me finding another celeb's iphone in the middle of nowhere america on a desolate highway making a routine gas station stop? This is one in a bajillion chances of occurring. DM me so I can ship your phone back bro.

Somehow, Questlove has J. Cole's iPhone in his possession. This would suggest that the picture itself was a selfie, taken by Cole and stored on his iPhone. Evidently, Cole does not lock his phone, so hopefully for his sake, nothing potentially more embarrassing was saved. And while Questlove could have probably found a more private method of reaching out to Dreamville's own, he has provided some amusement for the Internet while still getting the message across loud and clear (although the tweet attached to the Instagram photo did not give Cole a "mention").

The question that results from this late night Instagram post is obvious: Where did Questlove find J. Cole's iPhone?

Cole appears to be in his hometown of Fayettville, North Carolina. He announced his arrival on Friday night, and was apparently involved in a back-to-school giveaway in the area yesterday. Meanwhile, Questlove was at the Apollo in the Hamptons fundraising event, where he was DJing for luminaries such as Colin Powell and Bill O'Reilly. This means Questlove likely found Cole's phone in East Hampton, New York, as the party was held in billionaire Ronald Perelman's house in that area, a house that is known as "The Creeks." Ironically enough, Perelman himself has North Carolina roots, having been born and raised in Greensboro.

What was Cole's phone doing all the way up in the Hamptons while Cole was back home? Or is this not Cole's phone after all? The rapper has yet to respond to Quest's message.

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