Jay Dot Rain releases his new single "Drive Me Crazy" featuring Lamar Cole today.

Produced by the Block Beattaz, the 23-year-old rapper confidently waxes on about his new flame over the electric backdrop. His flow shifts in between crisp double-time quips, keeping the theme fresh in the mind of the listener. "My niggas say I'm simping/But they don't see what I see, never catch me slipping/No simp in my pimp, no slack in my mackin'/I keep it like that," he raps.

Reiging from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Rain previously released his first full-length project earlier this year in CooleyFLY Chronicles. His latest track shows the musical growth he's made in a matter of months, capturing a Southern aesthetic that feels broad enough for coastal cats to vibe along to.

"Drive Me Crazy" will be included on Jay Dot Rain's upcoming mixtape Memoirs of A Dreamer, which features full production from the Block Beattaz.

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