Yesterday, Kendrick Lamar unleashed a verse on "Control," which immediately became the verse that launched a thousand other, less good verses.

As Young Guru and 9th Wonder discussed here, it was a pretty masterful strategy. Kendrick provokes both the names he mentioned as well as the ones he didn't, claims the throne for New York, and aligned himself with past masters. This forces his competition to compete on his terms.

Naturally, it was a rapper from Slaughterhouse who responded first, when Joell Ortiz dropped his version, "Outta Control." Since that time, rappers have fallen like dominoes into the fray.

Against my better judgement, I have sacrificed my time and effort into listening to each and every freestyle so far. (I'm sure there will be at least this many more by the time this list is published.) What follows is my kneejerk response to the ever-growing pile of #Bars.

Every song has been graded on the legendary Cannibal Ox 108-mic scale from "Iron Galaxy." ("Strive, live live/Fuck five, I want a hundred and eight Mics.")

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