It was the shot heard 'round the world—Kendrick Lamar called himself the "King of New York" on Big Sean's "Control (HOF)." 

Kendrick's show stealing, Earth shattering verse lead to a response on Twitter from just about every rapper you could think of. Maybe that's why some of New York's finest rappers were tweeting about going into the studio after hearing Kendrick's verse. Clearly, Kendrick had sparked a discussion and inspired a few pens. 

But here's the thing: There's a reason why Kendrick is comfortable calling himself the King of New York. Social media has convinced rappers they need to broadcast every little thing they do, which has revealed how little time they spend perfecting their rhymes and how much time they spend bullshitting.

So we checked up on some of our favorite New York rappers—the kingpins of the Big Apple, if you will—to see exactly what they were doing when the song dropped. Granted, there was no word from the likes of Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, Lil Kim, Method Man, and others who simply weren't on any of their social media accounts. However, we did find out Nas was out enjoying a basketball game and Joe Budden was on UStream.

Um, hello. There's a title to be held, and more attention to be paid.

Here's What Other New York Rappers Were Busy Doing While Kendrick Lamar Called Himself "The King of New York."

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