While Lit City is more known for the footwork and juke side of electronic music, founder J-Cush goes in a different zone for this mix, bringing in all kinds of sounds from today and yesterday/year. Cats like DJ Deeon, Visionist, Geeneus, Jammer, and even some classic Jammin (aka DJ Zinc) from the early Bingo Beats days. Lit City will be representing in Brooklyn on Saturday, August 3, and this mix is done to promote the night. So deep.


Rapid - Vicious [dubplate]
DJ Deeon - EX-TA-CEE [Lit City Trax]
DJ Deeon - Like It Raw [Dance Mania]
NGUZUNGUZU - Sky Cell [Fade to Mind]
DJ Marfox - Go Lo [Lit City Trax]
Charmzy - Banger [Black Ops]
Visionist - More Pain [Lit City Trax]
Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat [white label]
Rapid - Pied Piper [Ruff Sqwad Recordings/No Hats No Hoods]
Jammin - Go DJ [Bingo Beats]
DJ Oddz - Champion Rmx [South Side Recordings]
DJ NA - B Storm [Fade to Mind]
Hindzy D - Shrapnal [Sting Recordings]
Geeneus - Late Night [dubplate]
Danny Weed - ??? [dubplate]
Jammer - N.A.S.T.Y. [Jahmektheworld]
Saga - Mt [Lost Codes]
DJ NA - Flute Gasp [Fade to Mind]
Visionist - One's Self [dubplate]