Let's be real. With all the super thirsty men we've put on blast over the year through their crazy comments on everyone's favorite photo-sharing social networking app, there's seriously a dangerous amount of women on Instagram doing the same. Surely many will argue that the women who snap a half-nekked bathroom mirror selfie to get on that "Popular" page are just as thirsty as the guys who leave comments on them, but the fact of the matter is, there's the women out there who are leaving riduclously thirsty comments themselves.

Sure enough, we found a ton on your favorite Canadian rapper's Instagram photos. After all, we're talking about the same guy that had Amanda Bynes tweeting about having him murder her vaginaThere was just no question that Drake (aka @ChampagnePapi on Instagram) would bring out that rare thirst from his female fans and sure enough, he does. Here it is: The Thirstiest (Female) Comments on Drake's Instagram.

Written by Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE)

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