In a summer loaded with big name projects from big name rappers, today, two of the most interesting newcomers in the game officially release their albums. A$AP Ferg comes through with Trap Lord while Earl Sweatshirt drops Doris. Even though the albums have been streaming for about a week, today is a big day.

The two artists have one similarity that—up until this point—has somewhat defined their careers: They are the second artist to blow up from their respective rap crews. Earl is a member of Odd Future so he follows in the Vans-shaped footsteps of Tyler, The Creator. Whereas, Ferg—who reps A$AP Mob—bursts through the opening A$AP Rocky's ascent to stardom left. (Thankfully, despite some early tension, the two crews have narrowly avoided full blown beef.) This important commonality aside, the two artists couldn't be more different.

Remember learning about Venn diagrams in school? You know, the thing with the two big circles that overlap? Well, hopefully you do because it's a useful tool for talking about these two exciting artists. If we were to make one, the overlap in the middle would be pretty damn small. Musically, they talk about different things and say them in a vastly different way. Outside of the music, they don't wear the same clothes, are from two different coasts, and have completely different personalities.

That's why sharing a release date highlights how they occupy entirely opposite ends of the rap spectrum in 2013. The fact that they both are primed to have successful debuts speaks to how wonderfully diverse the genre is right now. To see how and why these guys make up two sides of the rap game's coin, check out Apples & Oranges: A$AP Ferg vs. Earl Sweatshirt.

Written by Max Goldberg (@goopygold)

Also check out A$AP Ferg on Complex TV's The Neighborhood below.

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