Autre Ne Veut: "I think I was born into wanting to do music on some level. As I got older and older it seemed less and less possible, so I kind of gave up the hope of doing it at some point in my 20s.

"I was working at this production house in the city shortly after college and was writing jingles and didn’t even have the energy to work on my own music when I got home. I kind of gave up on working on stuff at that point. A big part of that was realizing how it felt antithetical at the end of the day to being able to make anything of substance.


It was music making that was about as uncreative as humanly possible.


"It was like a year long gig. I used to work for this company that did a lot of porting of commercials—this was like 2004, somewhere in there—to the web. A lot of licensing issues were even more Wild West than they are today in terms of what the value of music is on the web for artists.

"One solution was that companies could hire production houses like the one I worked for to port out these commercials. Because they owned all the rights to the songs that would be in the back of an Estee Lauder commercial or NFL ad or something. I would basically re-create an alternate version that nodded to the same kind of effect of the original music without actually being the original music in any discernible way. It was music making that was about as uncreative as humanly possible."