Label: Koch/Diplomat
Producer: Zukhan-Bey

"You know we can't have one of nothin', so we had to double up," Jim Jones says at the top of the remix of his breakthrough hit. And true to that philosophy, we get two members of several camps: Juelz tags along with Jones to represent Dipset, Lil Wayne stunts with his daddy Birdman, and T.I. brings Grand Hustle protégé Young Dro, who all but steals the show with vivid word salads like "skatin' on ice like Kristy Yamaguchi, sittin' up in the Chevy eatin' blowfish sushi." The one and only Diddy also shows up to remind us he's "still spending old money, 'Benjamins' remix 10 year ago money," unfortunately giving Juelz completely undeserved permission to rap over the same sample from Biggie's "It's All About The Benjamins" verse.