Red Bull Music Academy alumnus Ta-ku is a producer that's near to DAD's heart. Like us, he's a hip-hop head who started dippling in the electronic music pool, and it's worked out well since. He applies that mentality to his beats, and with the rise of the 808s and the whole "trap" phenomenon in the dance music world, Ta-ku's emerging at the right time. His solo work has been phenomenal, with two versions of his RE-TWERK series getting constant rotation in our homes and in the mixes of DJs like Baauer, as well as being featured on POTATO's guest mix series, and multiple appearances on the Boiler Room.

One of the best parts of Ta-ku's repetoire is his ability to craft great remixes. Whether its picking up a great indie rock track and turning it into something more rhythmic, or reworking tracks from the dance music scene into something deeper and jam-packed with 808s, Ta-ku knows how to reimagine tracks with the best of them. He's consistently provided new remixes on a regular basis, and we wanted to look at these and really examine why seeing "Ta-ku remix" makes us smile instantly. Here are Ta-ku's 15 best remixes.