Technicolor Lenses is a trio operating out of Brooklyn that is combining spoken word, jam, funk, and psychedelic rock within an electronic shell. The noticeable difference is the additional of social commentary and live instrumentation. These guys are building themselves to be a force to be reckoned with on the festival circuit. We love when people do things differently, yet still do them well.

This group started as a duo consisting of Jackson Whalan and Sam Eckstein in 2010, and Brandon Lewis joined them the following year. They're in the middle of planning an extensive east coast tour and their Oracle EP, but we wanted to give you a heads up on some of their work by offering the premiere of their Summer 2013 mix, as well as a track that's going to be used by the United Nations to celebrate the International Day Of Peace (no kidding!).

Their "Final Frontier" mix includes tons of unreleased material, including the aforementioned "Eyes In The Sky" track for the United Nations. They selected some incredibly heady music, and flex their true musicianship. It's truly a journey, and is available for download. And if you're in the New York area this weekend, come check them out at 80 Vernon in Brooklyn on July 6 with Schläng (Space Jesus + Supersillyus), Weekend Money, Hot Jambalaya, FLOTE, Melvin Freshley, eelko, and V-Zone. In the most random twist of events, I'll be working the door. Come through, say hi, and get your fix of bass musics.


1. Scattered Luminosity (B RiddimZ and Jackson Whalan)
2. Eyes in the Sky: International Day of Peace (Technicolor Lenses)
3. Tending to the Sword (B RiddimZ)
4. The Hunt (Esseks)
5. Whiplash (Esseks)
6. The Search (CaveWoman)
7. Cosmic Odyssey (B RiddimZ, CaveWoman, TinaKristina, Jackson Whalan)
8. Final Frontier (B RiddimZ, Jackson Whalan)
9. That Jazz (Esseks)