GBE member SD is releasing the third in a series he's been dropping entitled Life of a Savage yesterday evening, and it's a tough slab of street rap with beats by established 808 Mafia names like Southside and Tarentino. Also making appearances behind the boards: "Swag Surfin'" producer KE on the Track, Will a Fool, and someone named Lindstrom, who is presumably not the same beatmaker as the Norweigen musician behind space-disco classic "I Feel Space."

Guest rappers include fellow GBE members Ballout, Tray Savage, Capo, and standout star Blood Money, while non-GBE guests are limited to Riff Raff, who appears on "Overdose." Also below, check out the video for "Squad Fulla Killaz," released earlier today.

New to SD? Make sure to check out a few key tracks from his earlier tapes. The "Conceited (Remix)" with King Louie has a hypnotic quality, while the Chase Davis-produced "Kick a Door" remains a slept on banger absent any hint of Luger influence. "Neva Get Boring," meanwhile, is one of his more euphoric moments. Also essential, of course, is early Keef collaboration "Global Now."


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