Shlang is a mindfuck.  Really, it is.  This duo consists of Space Jesus and Supersillyus, who are both individually making tunes that are the musical equivalent of level 800 on Candy Crush Saga.  They've been working together extensively, and just released one of the most intelligent psychedelic bass records I've ever heard.  If you're into generic music, I urge you to move on.  This isn't that.

Three of these songs are touching 10 minutes in length, and there is no doubt that the intent was to push every boundary that exists in electronica.  They've done a couple of small album release parties in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, and are gearing up to play the silent disco at Camp Bisco this weekend, as well as a date in Boston and the Bella Terra Festival next month.  It's meant to be enjoyed live and loud. In the meantime, you can stream or purchase this four-track release.