We now seem to have a name to match the face of the guy that assaulted DJ Nate in Chicago last week. Nico Montana looks like the individual from the video that we posted last week, and we have a new video where he snitches on himself for the crime.

He says "1017," alluding to some sort of affiliation with Gucci Mane's 1017 Bricksquad Records. We can't find anything connecting him with the label, though. Nico Montana has to be the dumbest motherfucker I've ever seen in the industry though. Not only does he threaten further violence, he gives himself up as the individual that sucker punched and robbed DJ Nate. You can hear these quotes quite clearly:

"When you see me at your video you're gonna see what I'm talking about"

"I'm throwing shots at motherfuckers"

"Talking 'bout a belt. Fuck that belt. Sold that motherfucker."

"I beat his ass. He know why"

My man is beyond reckless. A quick search for Nico Montana shows, well, nothing. The only results I can find are crudely-produced videos of him rapping over industry beats on his computer, and this video recorded after last week's robbery. After a random rant, we see a horrible impromptu video where the rapper is holding a shotgun, brandishing a handgun, and throwing gang signs. This is an absolute embarrassment, but doesn't surprise me in the least.  When Chief Keef can go from getting arrested for pointing a gun at a cop to a role model in Chicago with a seven-figure record deal, and Worldstar videos of fights and ignorant behavior is what is being marketed in black culture, it's no wonder that someone would think that knocking someone out on camera would give them a foot in the door in this industry. I just hope some kind of justice is served here.