The video for the new Migos song, "Chirpin" is beautiful to look at. Directed by a person named "Cricket" (it would amazing if that was his given name, being that crickets are the only other animal that chirp besides birds, and here he is directing a video for a song about birds chirping), it starts off with one of the three Atlanta rappers who make up the group standing on the balcony of a huge suburban mansion, releasing a dove into the air. Shot in slow-motion, the bird flaps its wings as it rises off above the green leaves of maple trees. A single white feather floats up along with it, but at a slightly different speed. A line of percussion drops out from beneath a stately piano loop and the rapping starts. There are some nice interior shots, too, presumably inside the mansion, especially in one room, where there's a grand piano and really cool-looking zebra-striped wallpaper and a small Greek column underlit by a red lightbulb. The rappers rap kind of like Gucci Mane, and the chorus includes one of them doing a lovely-sounding vocal impersonation of a cell-phone ringing on "chirp" mode. ("Brrrr-brrrr-brrrrrrrrrrr...") And they all get to release their own birds off the balcony, which is nice because then we get to watch more white birds flying through green trees in slow motion.      

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