While Migos' recent mixtape YRN proved they were a budding rap trio on the inevitable rise, it didn't hurt their momentum when Drake graced them with his verse to "Versace."

The group explained to MTV how the Drake-assisted record came to be. "We kept hearing that [Drake] wanted to work with us and we ain't believe it," Quavo said. "He real, he 1000. He wanted to work, so we worked."

Adding that they met up at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash in Atlanta last month, Migos were surprised to find out that Drake was a fan of their music. "He came up to us and he started naming songs off the mixtape. That was crazy," Take Off said. "If Drake came up to you naming songs off your mixtape, how you gon' feel?" 

Migos also revealed that a collaborative mixtape with Soulja Boy is forthcoming.

[via MTV]

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