Is this seriously my first time posting about KickRaux? That seems a bit ridiculous. I've been chatting up QWOND3R for the past couple of months through an introduction from my dude Leaf Walker, and I had no idea what this duo had in store for me.  This went from a casual email conversation to me quite seriously thinking there might be another name to add to the lead of the trap revolution.

Their official remix of "Pop Out" screamed past 100,000 plays, and ended up on KatieGotBandz' Drillary Clinton mixtape. KickRaux are turning electronic trap records into musical masterpieces and handing them back to the rap community. Bless them. I'm calling for the fences with KickRaux though, as all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Their remix to the anthemic Migos and Drake track "Versace" won't disappoint. Sticking to their style, this is bass heavy, leans lightly on electronic sounds and bridges the gap between two genres that need to understand each other better. Snag this one up for the holiday.