It's a #FactsOnly interview between Elliott Wilson and Jay Z. The two linked up at Yankees Stadium to talk Magna Carta Holy Grail, how Rick Rubin works in the studio, and his philosophy on any musical collaborations.

Of course, this is only part one of the interview, which spans over 28 minutes.

While Elliott and Jay touch on a variety of subjects, including the connection Jay's #NewRules in the music business, one of the most revealing parts of the conversation comes around 20 minutes in, when Jay talks about dealing with fame versus real problems.

"People are still getting shot where I grew up. I've got a couple cameras in my face, I can deal with that," Jay says. "You go through it like, 'This is terrible I can't even take my daughter to the store'—wait a minute—let's put it all in perspective. It's not a real problem. People have real, real problems. Your son may go out and not come back. That's a real problem."

The second part will drop tomorrow via Life+Times.

[via Life+Times]

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