You know one of the best features that are built into video games? The ability to turn the music volume down. We love hearing sound effects, but then being able to blast our own songs and mixes while we spend hours bugging out at the game. What if you combined the two, being able to play a video game that has a huge, say, dubstep soundtrack? Meet DUBWARS, a game currently trying to raise $30,000 via a Kickstarter campaign. The DUBWARS camp says that the game is "a top-down, twin-stick shooter where your weapons auto-fire to a musical track. We don't automate our levels, everything is custom built to the music to make sure it matches." As you can see, the game recreates the random moments of synchronized excellence we find while playing games, only that's just how the fucking game is played! In terms of what you get for pledging, you can sang everything from a digital copy of the game to being able to design your own ship in the game and getting producer credits.

Check out the video up above and see if you'd like to contribute to the wild ride that should be DUBWARS.