You always need a good pop tune, right? Brass Knuckles (who was recently remixed by araabMUZIK) gave DAD the video for their latest, "As Long As I'm Alive," which follows one females travels through the streets and in the club, in a number of interesting outfits. She seems to be on the search for the perfect beat, and Brass Knuckles' song is mellow one minute, more intense the next. Brass Knuckles has been out there pushing material over the last few years (with a number of their singles coming out through Ultra), but if you're trying to learn more about the group, or this single, get familiar...

EDM has been a massive industry as of late - how does an upcoming new artist like yourself break from the mold and stand out?
We try to differentiate from the norm when it comes to our sound and live show. We incorporate live instrumentation within our DJ sets that creates another element for the audience to engage in. Musically, EDM is a constantly evolving genre with new subgenres popping up all the time. This helps to keep things fresh allowing us to get creative and experimental with all different styles while still keeping it "EDM."

"As Long As I'm Alive" is a very fun pop track - how would you categorize your sound?
Our sound is soulful, feel good, and electro. Our style varies from song to song but when all is said and done we want people to dance, sing along, and have a good time, and rage a bit!

How did you end up working with John Ryan? Do you enjoy working with more singer-songwriters?
We got connected with John through our management and it just really clicked in the studio. We have an amazing chemistry with John and it shows in the music. The experience we had with him in the studio is something we will never forget. We love working with talented singer/songwriters. There is no better feeling in the studio than when a writer comes in and creates an amazing topline on one of our tracks.

How do you get your inspiration to produce? Describe your process.
We get inspired by our surroundings and inspired by particular artists that we grew up listening to and whom we admire. Inspiration can come from many different avenues in life. Traveling around the world hearing sounds in many different countries gives us a realization on what can work internationally, which we take in the studio with us when creating.

What are you currently listening to right now?
Between the three of us, we have a wide range of musical taste. As far as EDM... Showtek, Bingo Players, Nero, Disclosure, to name a few. We really like artists with a signature sound that when you hear it, you just know.

Share with us any upcoming projects you are excited about.
We are doing a Brass Knuckles x Members Only Jacket collaboration (which you can see in the music video for "As Long As I'm Alive") slated to be released early fall. The jackets will be available for pre-order alongside the release of our new EP on Ultra out July 23. Other than that we’ll be traveling a lot and working on our next EP.