BFF Of: Mac Miller
Twitter Handle: @QuentinCuff
Lyrical Shoutout: "Then you got Q, that's my right hand man." ("My Team")

Who they are and what they do: Quentin (better known as Q), a one time writer from Pittsburgh, was an early champion of a young freestyling battle rapper from his hometown named Mac Miller. The two connected not only through rap influences, but also being under the influence—Mac taught Q how to smoke weed, which interestingly enough, Q never forgot.

Quickly becoming best friends only helped their professional ambitions, whether it was leaning on each other as Mac signed to the indie label Rostrum Records and hit the road on national and international tours, or defending Mac against online writers, or keeping focus amidst great success at a young age.

Q's business sense is matched by his sense of humor, as evidenced on MTV2's reality-hybrid show, Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family, alongside their other BFFs Jimmy, Peanut, and Big Dave. In between juggling Mac's day to day and prepping for the second season of the TV show, Q and Mac have teamed up on their own record label, REMember Music.