Waka Flocka Flame has suggested a rap name for Amanda Bynes, as she prepares to make her debut in the hip-hop world. According to Waka, the name should simply be, "AB." While Bynes hasn't come out and announced the name publicly, she RT'd Waka who shared the TMZ video on Twitter.

When asked if Bynes' recent legal issues gave her street cred, Waka emphatically stated that she didn't need street cred. "She has 'Disney Cred,'" he said. Looks like Waka needs to brush up on his Disney Channel child stars; Bynes was never on the channel.

In other Bynes news, she responded to Mac Miller asking her to "murder my vagina" by asking him to "hop on my dick." Weird. She then went on to profess her undying love for Drake.

[via TMZ]

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