This is one of the coolest lineups I've seen on a compilation in quite some time.  Tracks from Notixx, Watapachi, Smookie Illson, Omeguh, Knuckle Children, and a stack of others from the Motivation 808 release on Top Billin have been expertly mixed by Hydraulix.  These producers have different styles and influences, but heavy bass is the constant.

Top Billin was born from of a series of highly successful bootlegs more than half a decade ago, and have flipped their focus into providing a platform for artists to shine.  Don't pigeonhole them as guys that are attempting to profit off of the trap bandwagon, though.  They don't give a fuck about genres.  They will educate you on bass music and house, and can provide a sick release from their label as reference if you doubt their knowledge of club or house or disco.  Oh, and they also run Nightrunners and My Techno Weighs A Ton, two labels on the rise.  Sleep if you want to.

This release is packed with bangers that you don't have in your collection, and has a stack of producers you probably aren't familiar with.  This isn't that laser bubble shit that every other site and label wants to push into your hands.  These records are just different.  Give this mix a spin, and feel free to pop over to their Bandcamp to purchase the splits and support this forward-thinking label.


Hydraulix & Slakk feat. Zuri Akoko - Whole Crew (VIP)
Notixx - Okayy
Gooffee - Coochie
Stega - Tuk Tuk
Paul Oja - Perfection
Watapachi - B.I.O. (Bust It Open)
Illo - Roll It Pour It
Starz - Pop It
Smookie Illson - Juke In The Box
Omeguh - 2CI
Spenda C - Stay Fucked Up
Kurk Kokane - Pop Yur Pussy
Knuckle Children - The Creator (My House)