Has Eloise grown up? Has she left her room on the tippy-top floor? Well, maybe. Maybe Eloise has been sneaking out at night to go hit up those underground raves in Brooklyn. Maybe she's about that low frequency with decency at Reconstrvct? Maybe she's a basshead who has to get her fix every saturday at Subset's BASSment Saturdays. Maybe she's got a regular table at Pacha? Space? Nah, Provacteur is more her speed. Maybe she's got designer fluffies and a gold-plated pacifier now, too? Maybe she's just another insecure techno head with a feigned musical snobbery and inflated sense of self-worth using her daddy's expansive wallet to buy all the best tables? Eitherway, we don't know where Eloise truly is right now, but we do know if she's retained even an ounce of the character we read about in the 1950s children's books, something tells us that the ID&T crowd and Eloise would get along swimmingly.