Song: J. Cole "Villuminati"
Album: Born Sinner
Producer: J. Cole
Label: Roc Nation/ColumbiaNothing about this line works. Cole explains it away in an interview by saying he was trying to further the discourse about homophobia in rap, "Those lyrics are meant to make everyone uncomfortable for the sake of this very conversation." That lyric still made those of us that aren't homophobes uncomfortable. We can see what he was going for here, but even with better wording, it still fails in context of the song.

This passage is stuffed between lines about imaginary Internet rapper-foes and trying to find a Danielle Fischer to rub his dingaling on. It simply doesn't work in any capacity. The only redeeming quality is that Cole's verbal AK allows him to fit three slurs into two bars. Which is kind of Impressive but still crazy bigoted.