Before he became Rell The Soundbender, though, Rell was just M.Rell, the hip-hop producer. Like millions of others, music dreams in hand, the advent of the Internet and primitive social media gave Rell a chance to share his beats with audiences around the world and reach wanting ears. “I’d upload beats to SoundClick and sell them there, but back then pushing your music online was ‘whack.’" Whack as it may have been, Rell found his first taste of success through the SoundClick. Just as the service designed, Rell connected with yet-to-be-famous group, Far East Movement. The group had reached out to purchase a beat from Rell and it the beat eventually became their 2006 single, "Holla Hey." The single ultimately helped FM make noise and land a record deal, receiving placements on various TV shows including HBO's hit-series Entourage.  But as the story goes for a producer, Rell didn't hear from them again: "they were outta here, they were global." Rell knew that despite producing their most successful single to date, he would lose touch; "us losing touch is something that happens in this industry. They took off and signed with a major. I was just happy for them and kept working on my craft." But looking back, Rell speaks fondly of the memory: "It was great getting that placement. I still have people today that mention the song to me."

So not only had the single helped FEM achieve their dream, but it also gave Rell the true realization that he too could use the internet, MySpace and SoundClick specifically, to realize his dreams and make them a reality. And he was right, social media was conceived with the idea of connecting people. SoundClick and MySpace allowed aspiring producers like Rell to connect with aspiring rappers, labels, A&Rs, fans and whoever. Thinking back, Rell saw how things were going to change, “I got caught in that era where the game was going digital, and fortunate enough for me, I stayed with it and evolved along with the changes. The game has changed over the past five-to-seven years to a more indie/Internet-based foundation; it wasn’t how it is now with bloggers and SoundCloud stats.” Rell was right, today bloggers and A&Rs alike will use SoundCloud and various other social media metrics to in their hunt to find what’s hot and predict the next big star.