Rell's future looks brigther now and we're regularly supporting him, but it's far from over for him. Rell continues to take bookings, make big remixes and churn out originals. You wouldn't know the kind of success he's had just talking to him, remaining humble as ever. Even if you ask him about certain challenges he has, he'll brush them off and instead offer a perspective full of wisdom and maturity. One of those challenges is being deaf in one ear. For many, music is purely an auditory experience. For some it's much more than that. For Rell it's different. With deafness in one ear, Rell has had to adjust to truly feel the beat. His deafness "sucks" but as he says, it has been "truly a blessing."

"It sucks, but its truly a blessing. It has allowed me to experience music in ways that most people don't. When I say I feel the music, I literally do. When I'm DJing, I mix off of the bass of the kick in my feet along with the music. I mix off of vibrations. When I'm producing it's the same thing. I produce off of the feel and vibration of the sound. It took me a while to get a mixing technique that worked, but now I have one that works well for me.""