It’s a crying shame that Kendrick Lamar only grabs the chorus on this. And the line—“Forbidden fruit, watch out for the Adam’s Apple"—is corny. But otherwise, this song is a pretty great take on A Tribe Called Quest's “Electric Relaxation” sample. (After Chance the Rapper’s tape from earlier this year, flipping Midnight Marauders beats is one song away from being a trend piece).

Obviously recorded fairly recently, because Cole mentions dropping his album the same day as Kanye, and featuring more upbeat production than most of the rest of the material, "Forbidden Fruit" all about the punch lines: “Daddy ain’t shit so she raised that nigga kids/But she swallowing mine.” He disses rap mags: “How many records do a nigga gotta sell/Just to get the cover of the XXL/Or Fader?” And closes out the song by joking about making his first ad-lib be the word “Bitch!”