Malcolm BrickhouseJarad Dawkins and Alec Atkins also known as Unlocking the Truth, are poised to be rock's next big thing. They already stand out as black kids from Flatbush, Brooklyn who prefer metal over hip-hop, but also they're really just kidsthey're in the 6th grade. Two of the youngsters, who started a band after meeting when they were younger, are the subject of the Luke Meyer-directed clip Unlocking The Truth-Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins.

This installment of the the Avant/Garde Diaries follows the boys as they discuss their love for music, dreams of one day performing at Madison Square Garden and being teased for their musical taste. All the kids clowning them right now will either feel stupid when they make it or become supporters. They aren't even in their teens yet and they already have pages of lyrics that they're written themselves.

These boys are on their way.

[via Noisey]